Windows 10 Driver For Sd Card Reader

Generic Sd Card Reader Driver For Windows 10

Geforce Gt 610 Drivers Windows 10 on this page. Have you tried looking at it from the DiskManagement MMC? There are multiple ways to start this tool- here is one. From file explorer - right click on 'This PC' - Choose 'Manage' - Under Storage choose 'Disk Management' You should see your C: drive listed here as well as any other disks in your system. If you see your flash disk, then you need to look and see if it is partitioned, formatted, and if there is a drive letter mapped. Be very careful with this tool as you could erase data if you make a mistake.:). Dave, thanks. There wasn't an item as you suggested under 'disk drives' - but after rebooting the notebook with the SD Card inserted, I can now see an SD Host Adaptor ('SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller').