Windows 10 Bluetooth 4.0 Driver


After a few hours of using Windows 10, my Bluetooth driver uninstalled itself. My keyboard is Bluetooth so I noticed it as soon as it happened. To fix it (finally after trying to troubleshoot the keyboard itself first), I checked under Device Manager and noticed I just had a Generic Driver for my Bluetooth. Right clicking it and doing automatic update fixed it. What could have caused this? Only thing I was doing was reading on IE at the time, minimal typing to surf.

Usb N53 Windows 10 Driver on this page. Could be another Beta kink. They did say that this OS is alpha - beta level (more like beta) currently.

Plus I believe that by the way your saying it, it would be one of those new preview OS issues. Its getting annoying tho, it just happened again. Except this time it didn't uninstall, it just disconnected all my bluetooth. Had to turn Bluetooth off and on to connect again. I guess this is something worth reporting on the feedback app. An issue like this can't be ignored.

Windows 10 Bluetooth 4.0 Driver

Laserjet 1010 Windows 10 Driver. OS Type Version Release Date Lang File; Windows 8.1 32-bit Windows 8.1 64-bit Windows 10 32-bit Windows 10 64-bit: Driver/Software: English. Looking for drivers for your Bluetooth audio. Which Bluetooth versions does Windows 10 support? Windows Server 2016 does not support.

Just wondering if anyon else is encoountering driver issues similar to this even if its with other drivers/devices. We're going to have some interesting things going on until at least we get a few months into the Preview testing with some updates smoothing out the kinks. I haven't noticed any new patches released to address drivers on windows 10. My Bluetooth comes in and out. It just drops and disappears from the device manager then a click here and there brings it back. Yesterday something about the communications interface crashed. I noticed its name started with 'Windows7.Communications.'