Uniden Usb 1 Driver Windows 10


• • • USB-1 Drivers The USB-1 cable is used to connect the following Uniden scanners to a PC using the PC's USB port. • BC246T • BCD396T • BCT15 • BCD996T • BC346XT • BCT15X • BCD396XT • BCD996XT • BC95XLT Before using the cable, or if you have problems connecting to the scanner, you should check to be sure you have installed the latest drivers for the cable. The USB-1 cable uses the Prolific PL2303 chipset. Download the PC drivers by clicking. Drivers for other operating systems might be available in the support section at: IMPORTANT: The drivers linked above will only work with cables that use the Prolific PL2303 chipset, like the USB-1 cable. How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement Windows 10 there. If you purchased a 3rd-party USB-to-Serial adapter cable, then you must use the drivers appropriate to that cable.

ARC XT for Uniden software info. ARC-XT also works with the Uniden USB-1 cable. Important for Windows 8/10 you need the newer model USB1. Uniden driver for.

The other major chipset used in USB-to-Serial adapters is made by FTDI. Uniden cannot support 3rd-party cables, but you can check for current drivers if you are using a cable that uses their chipset. Follow any instructions provided by Prolific for installing the drivers. After you install the drivers, when you plug in the USB-1 cable, it should appear as a COM port.

Install Usb Driver Windows 10

To connect to the scanner, you should set the software you are using to the same COM port as assigned to the USB-1 cable. Hp Probook 4520s Camera Driver Windows 10. Note that each USB port on your PC typically will be assigned a different COM port by the Prolific driver, so if you unplug the USB-1 cable then plug it into a different port, you'll need to update the software's setting in order to reestablish a connectiion to the scanner.