Thermaltake Blacx Windows 10 Driver


Still no help from Thermaltake on this? Whats going on with the industry as this seems like a dire trend going on (and worse made considering W10 was officially released in late Jul'15 and yet all h/w vendors had more than enough time to prepare).

Thermaltake Blacx Windows 10 Driver

I have the same 2-bay BlacX 5G USB3. Rt5370 Driver Windows 10. 0 on the latest Windows 10 Pro + v.high end MSI laptop and while my xfers with the docking station (has 2x 8TB Seagates in it working fine) I get strange pauses and controller errors being noted in the W10 Pro event viewer from time to time (every 20 seconds it does this). Xfer speeds are superb both ways: 180mb/sec I can max out copying from the dock to the laptop and the other way. Mind you, if I plug in any kind of USB3.1 device I experience what the first poster has: it drops to 0 speed and the device turns off. Copying the other way has no issues.

Would someone please let me know where I can get a driver for blacx thermaltake external - SATA- docking station for windows 8.1. It was working fine on my windows.

I chalked this up as either immature W10 drivers, W10 itself, or the MSI laptop I have is still immature itself. Driver File Location Windows 10 on this page.