Sound Blaster Z Windows 10 Drivers


Mine seems to work, but I when I upgraded my OS from 8.1 to 10 it messed with my Office 2013 install. So I'm getting ready to do a wipe and reinstall the OS in a few minutes. The only problem I had was that the sound was all bass and no treble initially. Usb Keyboard Driver Windows 10 more.

Sound Blaster Z Windows 10

Then I turned off all the processing such as Dolby 5.1 that Windows enabled for some reason. Everything sounds as well as it did before I think. I only have 2 speakers so w hatever 5.1 was supposed to sound like I haven't a clue.

I just know that whatever was presets were enabled after the upgrade sounded like a dog being drowned and let up for air every 30 seconds or so. Click to expand.Man its all Windows 8 to 8.1 all over again for ZxR. Back then, I had to go back to Windows 8 and wait for a driver update for ZxR. Ok, I search Lenovo WHQL Windows 10 drivers and I came across I follow 'Volleynova' post to and the Sound Blaster Z Audio Driver 77.3 MB Windows 10 (64-bit) Does not work.

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The software didn't find my ZxR. I scroll down to page 13 for 'yuu' post for 'daniel_k' driver SBZxR_CD_LD_1_01_00a driver link. The daniel_k driver installed reboot and the same issue. Heavy on bass and all mono no treble. I was about to say fuck it and plug my audio setup to the mobo and call it a day until I can get some driver from Creative. I decided to re-read the topic and came across 'jmacguire' post.

Open soundblaster control panel from your task bar. Remove the check from the 'Surround' radio.