Sound Blaster Live Drivers Windows 10


I see it is now 'Early July 2015'. Being halfway through June already this makes sense. I really miss my SoundBlaster Z. I am saddened that Microsoft felt they needed to change their audio stack again, like during the transition from XP to Vista. Does any of this improve performance in games or audio quality? Seems odd that they decided to do this literally only a handful of builds before Windows 10 goes RTM.

Sound Blaster Live Drivers Windows 10

Mar 19, 2016 Installing Creative SoundBlaster Live! You can see the estimated availability date of Windows 10 drivers for other Creative sound cards as well. Download Sound Blaster 5.1 VX Driver 1.04 for Windows 10. OS support: Windows 10. Category: Audio and Multimedia. Logitech F710 Driver Windows 10 on this page.

Creative, if you can, release beta drivers as soon as possible I am willing to test out! Not rain on your parade, but it was an absolute nightmare when Microsoft released XP and years later, Vista. Sure there were drivers for my hardware, but all of the drivers were 'functional' at best. I would say it was nine months to a year before my system was running at peak performance and it really took until service pack 1 was released that XP became a viable operating system. Vista was never fixed in my opinion to run as well as Windows 7. The switch to Windows 10, or Windows 8.2, straight up disturbs me.

Many people, not specifically you, are upset about drivers. I understand and empathize, but until the final version/GOLD is released I will not be switching. The next release could either fix or break more functionality in the operating system. Which version does Creative code for? The build before 10130 worked, 10130 fails.