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Drivers For Windows 10 Sony Vaio

Dec 04, 2015 VAIO users can’t benefit from the full Windows 10 experience Windows 10 was released in July 2015, but Sony recommended VAIO customers to wait until October before.

Yes, the Fingerprint on the Sony Vaio VPC Z13 is working using the drivers provided by Sony. The driver is provided by Authen Tec, version, date 8/8/2012. In order to set one or more fingerprints, Windows 10 requires you to set both password and pin previously. Upgraded a perfectly good running Sony VAIO from Windows 7 (original OS) to Windows 10. Both Microsoft and Sony said my model (VPCSB) would run windows 10. Found that it would not load the 'on board' bluetooth at all. Windcom no help either with what they call their windows 10 driver.

Windows 10 has had a strong debut since it was released towards the end of last month, with tens of millions of people around the world downloading the new OS, and most of them are getting on quite well with it. However, Sony users may want to be a bit more reserved with their upgrade plans, as the Japanese electronics maker has advised Vaio notebook users not to upgrade until later this year. It hasn’t quite finished up all the necessary drivers. The reason for the delay could well be that Sony isn’t in charge of its PC business any more, having sold it to a investment company, Japan Industrial Partners, in 2014. Microsoft Printer Drivers For Windows 10. Despite that, Sony wants to continue providing support for existing Vaio customers, which is why it’s working on the drivers; they just aren’t quite ready yet. “We are testing supported models and will be providing the results as quickly as possible,” Sony said on its (via ). “We plan to release Windows 10 upgrade information and, for Windows 8 and 8.1 models, drivers, applications and detailed information on the schedule below based on the operating system originally installed on the PC.” The eagle eyed among you may have spotted that there is no mention of Windows 7 in Sony’s announcement.