Reinstall Touchpad Driver Windows 10


I would like to add that on some computers (not all, for some reason some it will do it correctly by just doing the 'install/setup' from synaptics), you will have to manually override the installation behavior. Elan Touchpad Driver Windows 10 Acer. Go to Device manager, and do a manual search/install of the driver,(including searching for the right driver, which you should have downloaded and put somewhere you can find easily), it will come up with a 'its not a signed driver and windows doesn't recommend' or some such thing, tell it do to it regardless, then restart after it has finished installing. How To Install Realtek Audio Driver For Windows 10 here. At that point the synaptics driver should be installed in your system and allow you to do the disable if it detects external mouse. I find it annoying that synaptics has essentially abdicated their responsibility to the end user (I know that these are OEM devices but the end user will be the one dealing with these things after warranty is over).

Synaptics Touchpad Driver Windows 10