Pos 80 Thermal Printer Driver Windows 10

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Receipt printers are a staple of any point of sale station. They're not only used for documenting proof of sale, but also to send order instructions to other departments or print invoices or tickets for event access. At the point of sale, receipt printers can also connect to your cash drawer, sending an open command when you need and streamlining the checkout process. We carry POS printers from fantastic manufacturers including,,, and more.

Performance Thermal Printer These printers are the gold standard for receipt printing and are the models seen most often in high volume and high stakes environments. From mult-lane department stores to large, fine dining restaurants, a good receipt printer will keep you up and running for countless years. Thermal printers use heat to activate a chemical in special receipt paper to print text and images, eliminating the need for ink, toner, or other additional consumables. Volume Driver Windows 10. Industry standard receipt printer Quick and affordable printing Small footprint, unique look Economy Thermal Printer Sacrificing some performance to improve affordability, economy thermal printers are a solid option for most small to medium volume retailers or restaurant, such as gift shops or clothing boutiques.

While they might not be the fastest on the market, or built to handle spills and excessive use, they are still reliable and ideal for retailers who may print 100 receipts a day instead of 10,000. Nimble, Energy Star Compliant Stable and reliable Affordable, front feeding Impact Printer Impact printers use a small dot matrix hammer to transfer ink from a ribbon onto paper. These receipts won't fade or smudge in hot or humid environments, so they are great for kitchens, bars, or dry cleaners; pretty much anywhere you might need robust receipts. Many of these printers support two-color printing, a fantastic option when printing additional info, such as food substitutions for kitchen printing or discounts on receipts. They are louder and slower than thermal printers, so they might be better suited in louder environments. Supports 2-Color Printing Affordable Kitchen Printing Supports Mac OS X Multifunction Printer Take a thermal printer and an impact slip printer, fuse them together, and you have a multifunction printer.