Neat Mobile Scanner Driver Windows 10


The driver can be downloaded from Neat website. This is the NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner. (BTW, I'm using Windows 10). So I think, 'OK.

Neat Mobile Scanner Driver Windows 10

Hi, My name is Mike Landis. I work for the Neat Company, the makers of NeatReceipts and NeatWorks. Our newer NeatWorks 4.0 releases do support both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7. Most of the posts in this thread appear to reference NeatReceipts 3.0 or earlier, which is only intended for 32 bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you'd like to use our product on Windows 7, make sure you've upgraded to the 4.0 release. If you do have NeatWorks 4.0 and are still having difficulty on Windows 7, please contact our support department by emailing or by calling 866-NEATREC. Hi Mike L, I have a statement for you since you work for 'The Neat Company', But first let me state I am not against making profit, but I am against gouging, what Neat has done is they have gone out of their way to lock out 64 bit OS's from using any thing BUT their new product, forcing many of us to buy NEW software when the old software is all we need. If Neat was a responsible company to its consumers it would issue a 64 bit OS compatable driver for FREE.

My question to you is, will there be a DRIVER for free, I dont need the software so much as my sodtware will mangeage the device if not then I for one will be returning my neat. And it is a neat product, its a shame about the companys way of doing business. I gotta say, Mr. Landis, that I am unaware of ANY other company that sells a hardware device and will not update drivers unless the customer pays. That is a unique business model, and I'm quite shocked at the hubris of your marketing department. Konica Minolta Pagepro 1350w Driver Windows 10 there. What really kills me is that I purchased the neat receipts scanner when it was $249 (not the current $199)- and my reward for supporting your product as an early adopter is to be shaken down for another $30 so it will merely connect with a newer version of windows. I suppose the hacks in Marketing have calculated that this way of doing business will alienate some of your faithful customers, but in the end, the quarterly P&L will look fabulous.