Matrox Windows 10 Drivers


Matrox G550 AGP driver install fails in WIN10 even though install and subsequent use for dual screen worked fine in WIN7. I understood if OK in WIN7 it would be OK under WIN10. Tried running driver setup in compatibility mode as both Vista and WIN7 but still fails. Driver version is dated which did list WIN10, WIN8.1 etc against it.

Matrox G200ew Windows 10 Driver

Driver and Software Download. To download a driver or software, please select from the categories listed below. Matrox G550 AGP driver install fails in WIN10 even. Matrox G550 AGP driver setup/install fails in. 'Unfortunately the G550 does not have Windows 10 drivers.

Driver is listed as an option in device manager, browse computer, and choose from list; but this fails with 'driver does not support this version of windows'. RUN command of pnputil lists the driver as an INF file. Noticed the System32 files listed in device manager driver details under WIN7 not there in WIN10. I thought maybe the setup/install should have done that, but copying them to same locations on the WIN10 PC has same fail when updating in device manager. (So when do those files get copied/installed - as part of said setup or when installing the driver?). Wishing to transfer the card to a more powerful, WIN10 compatible, refurbished PC build (an even older G400 card has successfully taken its place back on the WIN7 PC). Windows 10 Ipod Nano Driver more. Card works fine as 'Microsoft basic display adaptor' but only as single screen.