Linksys Ae3000 Driver Windows 10

Linksys Ae3000 Driver Update

Dvd Driver Windows 10. Actually there is a easy solution (just did it myself). Go to Linksys webpage and download the latest (win 7) drivers. Copy those drivers to your Win 10 machine and unpack them.

(you can ignore this park if you know how to use device manager:P) Start by clicking new/old start button and type devices. On the search result list you will have 'Add or remove devices'. Click it, in the new window you should have a list of 'other devices'.

In my case the AE2500 was there with status 'bla bla not instaled Need internet connection etc.' If you dont see it on the list remove the adapter and plug in once again to the usb socket. Now you need to do one more thing. Click start and type device manager. In the tree you have a nood Other Devices there you should see the AE2500 adapter.