Lg G4 Windows 10 Driver

Lg G4 Windows 10 Driver

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I have a new Windows 10 laptop from Dell. With my Windows 7 computers, I am able to tether my T-Mobile LG G4 phone to Windows 7 for a portable data connection via a USB cable.

I have 3 computers doing this. It comes in handy when I am traveling or my home internet service goes out. Well, I have spent hours troubleshooting this Windows 10 system, and I haven't been able to get it to work with the tethering.

I have downloaded the latest LG Mobile Driver and manually installed it. I also installed LB Bridge trying to get the computer to recognize the phone. Trying to use the internet connection on my phone makes my Windows 10 computer slow down so much it is almost like it is about to crash. Hp 7200 Driver Windows 10. And the internet connection doesn't work.

So I called T-Mobile, and they told me to call Microsoft because it was a Windows 10 issue. Has anyone been able to get this to work?