Lenovo Sound Driver Windows 10

Lenovo Sound Driver Windows 10

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 here. Howdy - Windows Audio quality guy here. Lenovo has a hardware mute which requires custom software for Windows to know about it. Can you try installing Lenovo's Hotkey Features Integration package? If that doesn't solve the problem, can you try these audio troubleshooting tips: And if even that doesn't work, can you do Start DxDiag Save All Information and send me the resulting DxDiag.txt file?

To download Lenovo drivers like Lenovo Thinkpad drivers for Windows 10, refer to the steps here. Then you can update Lenovo drivers in Windows 10 quickly.

Email to (mediaq at microsoft dot com) For my own sanity, include a link back to this thread: Matthew van Eerde. Hi, I had the same problem now and I found the solution more by accident.

You just need to click on this link to Lenovo and download the driver again. It is the driver for Windows 7 but it works fine. Sorry, I'm a german so maybe a little hard to understand. When you install it, you install everything which the application ask you new. Afterwards Windows starts the installation of new hardware. Takes a while, in my case 12 minutes, cause on my computer were many Programms running. Then just restart the Computer and everything is fine, at least it was for me like that.