Kernel Mode Driver Framework Windows 10


Whenever I watch videos or listen to music while doing something like browsing and installing stuff my sound will have drop outs. It's like the sound is flickering. It is really annoying. The sound will be clear only if I stop doing everything.

I have the latest audio drivers and I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. DPC Latency Checker showed me that I have some higher lag than in previous versions of Windows. Conexant Drivers Windows 10 there. I then installed LatencyMon and it showed me that Wdf01000.sys (Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime) has really really high Total execusion rate, like 90% of it all it's just that one process. It could be that it is causing the problem but I can't fix it. It is same as this guy when he is playing that YouTube video at 1min: Would like to see if someone can help me with this and will there be a fix for it?

Kernel Mode Driver 1 11

Kernel and User Mode Driver Framework 1.11 update - what it is and why you need it!