Intel Hd Graphics Modded Driver Windows 10


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Intel Hd Graphics Modded Driver Windows 10

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Hi, having a problem with x64 Windows 10 and Intel HD graphics. It's a Thinkpad T410 Core i5 with integrated Intel HD graphics. I'm stuck on the basic graphics card driver or the generic VGA card driver. Windows update looks like it's trying to update to the Intel drivers, but fails with: Intel corporation driver update for intel(r) hd graphics - error 0x80246007 Searches suggest removing graphics card using device manager - then retrying, but this doesn't solve, it just repeats with same error. Also tried downloading the drivers directly from Intel: and selecting the.inf file to update directly, but get a 'failed to update' error.

I tried to install a modded driver. Windows 10 Uninstall Audio Driver. I uninstalled my intel hd graphics driver Then installed the modded one. But when i restarted my pc, windows installed a videos.

If you use Setup.exe in the file, it gives you 'Computer does not meet minimum requirements for installing this software' - so perhaps Intel driver does not like final Windows 10 release. Had 32 bit Windows 10 on yesterday and all OK, so seems to be an x64 problem. Anyone had similar or have been able to resolve? Hi, You may try installing the drivers in compatibility mode and check if it helps. • Right click on the setup and select Properties.

• Select the compatibility tab. • Place a check mark on ' Run this program in compatibility mode for' and then select Windows 8 or Windows 7 and follow the on screen instructions and finish the installation.