Hp Elitebook 8540w Drivers Windows 10

Hp Elitebook 8540w Drivers Windows 10 64 Bit

Fernando's Win-RAID Forum (Storage Drivers - BIOS Modding) � Special Topics � Special: Intel Management Engine � HP Elitebook 8540 w Windows 10 d0n't shut down Zitat von Gray im Beitrag #3. Can you please inform the correct ME Driver for Mobile Intel® QM57 Express with Windows 10?

Hi I'm running windows 10 on a 8540w. It seems to run reliably, but with no deidicated HP drivers i have had to cobble together a selection. These are my findings. Please add to the list. I am using version 8. Windows 10 Idt Driver there. 0.3.1345 of HP Protect Tools Security Manager to enable the finger print log-in. With Validity Sensors Inc driver

This now works as pre boot protection along with bit defender for drive encryption. But is a bit clunky with the log in screens. Sometimes after boot swipe it loads directly to desktop other times it will ask for fingerprint or pasword then after swipe need a windows login button to be hit.

Video drivers for NVIDIA work, i cant recall if i have looked for an updated version of these, but it recognises as the correct 880 I seem to recall installing an older version that someone had found worked with windows 8. V 8.02 for the control panel rings a bell but i dont have a record from a forum but i dont have a record.

The graphics driver currently running is 9. Sound and networking seem to work ok and if not those drivers are easy to find. The buttons at the top work to some extent with HP quick launch - Except the mute button not changing colour.

The ambient light sensor is someting i havent tried to get working but would be handy. Webcam works ok. I have no way of testing the sim card slot but the SD slot works. There are three unknown devices on device manager. But overall i wouldnt go back to 7 it runs fast with an SSD, and has done so for about a month now. 16gb ram quad core i7 880FX.