Hp Amd Drivers Windows 10

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ATI Radeon HD 4200 driver for 64-bit Windows. Hewlett Packard OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD Athlon. Hi i cant install amd drivers on windows 10 on my r9 380 card.

I recently did the free Windows 10 upgrade after Windows compatibility showed no issues to do so. After upgrading, I received an error that my AMD graphice drivers were not installed or were not working properly. Winndows Update said the best driver was installed. I went to AMD's website and found that they recommend contacting the computer manufacturer for updated drivers. I contacted HP Support because the drivers were not on my product's web page for download.

HP support transferred my call to AMD support, where I received no answer to my call. After completely uninstalling the drivers, I tried installing AMD's latest driver (15.7. Update Video Display Drivers Windows 10. 1) from their website. I once again received the same error after install completed. There seems to be no solution out there as of yet.

If there is, I would love to know what it is, as neither HP nor AMD have been able to help! If not, I would like some idea when HP will have updated drivers posted and available for downoad? Any input greatly appreciated. I can't understand why that would be necessary (although it's starting to become clearer!). I went back to my product page today and followed HP's instructions (give them the benefit of the doubt, I thought) to use Windows Update to get the latest drivers.

I did that and Windows Update did indeed install an AMD graphics driver update (released Aug. The problem still exists in that I still get the same error ('An AMD driver is not installed or is not functioning properly. Please install proper AMD drivers for your product.' I don't understand why a company as big as HP was not better prepared for the rollout of Windows 10 when they knew it was coming. I realize that they have to make sure their newer systems coming out need to be compatible but, from my side of things, if I'm looking to upgrade my computer, I do it based on the service I get from the company. So you would think there would be a team working on drivers for older products to keep those customers satisfied and possibly retain them as loyal users of their products.