Hp Accelerometer Driver Windows 10


Upon upgrading to windows 10. AccelerometerSt.exe error (0xc000007b) windows 10. Might lie with HP's 3d driver guard. So I whipped over to HP and downloaded. Solved: Hello, An error related to the acceleromer started appearing after updating Windows 10 after startup. Now the startup takes too long. Remove hp accelerometer windows 10. Keyword Suggestions. How to Uninstall HP Accelerometer in Windows 10 blog.drivethelife.com. HP TouchSmart tm2t www.laptopmag.com. Asus B8230UA Drivers Download 4.bp.blogspot.com.

I don't use my notebook as a mobile device at all. It's ALWAYS sitting on my desk, nice and steady. The problem is, 3D driveguard (accelerometer) is oversensitive. Atk0100 Driver Asus Windows 10.

It parks the HDD head even when there's ABSOLUTELY NO physical movement of the notebook- all I'm doing is playing some music using the internal speakers, and the vibrations generated by the laptop's own speakers is enough to raise the red flag- the HDD constantly parks and unparks. HP support is useless. They keep sending a tech over to my place every time I call them, and the tech tries to convince me this is normal- he can't fix it.

His solution- turn volume down. This indeed works, low volume=less vibrations= no head parks. But the very obvious drawback of this solution is that I cannot hear things when volume is set to such low levels. I gave up on HP support, and my ghetto solution is to uninstall 3D driveguard, restart, uninstall 'HP mobile data protection sensor', restart, and the issue is resolved. This solution doesn't work in Windows 10. Windows updates keep re-installing the 3D driveguard (software) and mobile data protection sensor (hardware driver), overriding my work.

Hp Accelerometer Driver Windows 10