High Definition Audio Bus Driver Windows 10


Contents: • • The 'Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus' shows as exclamation in device manager, did you have this problem with your Windows 10 system? After you upgrade the system from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10, sometimes, the audio driver will not compatible with the new Windows 10 system. So your computer maybe do not have sound. Solve this problem, what you need do is install and update the Realtek High Definition Audio driver. It will fix this problem perfect. And you can try to the next two ways.

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio - Windows 10 Service. High Definition Audio Bus Driver by Microsoft Corporation. This service also exists in.

High Definition Audio Bus Driver Windows 10

Way 1: Manually Update Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers for Windows 10 The manually way will download the drivers from the official site, and then maunally install it. Step 1: Find the Realtek products drivers download page: Click this link to enter the Realtek drivers download page. Step 2: Choose High Definition Audio Codecs. On this page, choose the audio hardware you want to download and update. Also, if want to download the drivers for AC'97 Audio, click the link, it will takes you to the driver page.

Step 3: Accept Realtek drivers download agreement. Select the option 'I accept to the above', and then click 'Next'.

Step 4: Choose 32bit or 64bit drivers to download. Xbox 360 Controller Wireless Driver Windows 10. Here because my computer is 64 bit, so I choose the 64bits system. Click the right 'Global' it will start download the driver. Of course, Realtek customized other two packages, an EXE file and a ZIP file. It supports 32 bit and 64 bit. The different is the size. The compatible package is larger than single 32/64 bit.

Step 5: Install Realtek drivers. Double click the 0006-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R279.exe package to install this driver. After you run this program, it will start extract this file. Then click 'Next'. This interface will show all the guideline and all you need is click 'Next' in all these process, you need restart your computer twice. The Realtek High Definition Audio Windows 10 driver process is: 1) Uninstall current Realtek audio driver. Click the 'Next' button to remove the original Realtek HD Audio Driver in your system.