Ethernet Driver Windows 10


I have an Elite x1 1011 G2 tablet after upgrading to Windows 10 I ran the HP Support Assistant and updated drivers, bios etc. There were two drivers that will not update. The Realtek Ethernet RTL8153 controller driver 10.1.506.2015Ap1 Softpaq# SP71701 and the SMSC 9500A USB Ethernet Driver Softpaq # SP72402.

Ethernet Driver Windows 10 Download

Fix network connection issues in Windows 10. Content provided by Microsoft. If Windows can’t find a new driver for your network adapter. Mediatek 802.11 Wireless Lan Adapter Driver Windows 10.

Sandisk Usb Drivers Windows 10 more. Anyone know if they are the wrong drivers, if there is a issue related to Windows 10 that would stop them updating, of what the issue is? The Eliet pad was new taken out of the box, initialized and once Windows and MS office was installed I upgraded to Windows 10 which required a number of applications to be reoved during the upgrade process. Items removed were ones that the Windows upgrade required to be done.