Dual Monitor Driver Windows 10

Dual Monitor Driver Windows 10

After upgrading my HP laptop to windows 10, I cannot get dual monitor capability from my HP 2013 Ultra Slim Docking Station. My VGA monitor works - 5198930.

I have dual monitors. Before running the upgrade I simply turned off the second monitor. There was no instruction to do so, but I figured it might be a good idea. I also unplugged USB drives. The upgrade went perfectly. When I turned on the 2nd monitor, it worked perfectly. When I plugged the USB drives back in, they worked perfectly.

Lenovo T410 Drivers For Windows 10. I am using virtual desktops, with applications open on both monitors. I have 3 desktops. When switching between them, they work perfectly on both monitors.

In my case, I did not have any problem with multiple monitors and I did not have to install anything. I do know there was an issue with NVIDIA monitors, but there was a Windows Update file uploaded several days before the release of 10 which resolved that problem. It had to do with drivers and Microsoft worked with NVIDIA to get that done. It is one of the reasons Microsoft kept advising that people make sure they run ALL Windows updates prior to doing the upgrade to 10. There are millions of monitor combination potentials. Its a numbers issue.