Drivers For Atheros Ar9485 And Windows 10

Drivers For Atheros Ar9485 And Windows 10

Oct 18, 2015 Hi, Is there a new network adapter for windows 10 that is Qualcomm Atheros? I have the version AR9485 and I think the version was The reason I.

Trendnet Usb To Serial Driver Windows 10. I had a lot of telephone discussion with Microsoft, and the last thing I tried was resetting the BIOS. The F12 key on my laptop now works as intended, wifi is enabled.

The process for doing this varies; for my laptop it meant restarting while holding the Esc key down, which then gave me the plain DOS type of screen with just four options one of which enabled me to reset. On this screen only the arrow keys work for navigation, not the mouse, But I had to be sure first that I had backed up all the files and could restore if necessary.

Perhaps HP could check this approach and publicise it with the full process on their website. Check Printer Driver Windows 10.