Driver For Dual Monitors Windows 10


I can confirm this issue in Catalyst 15.7.1 and in the WDDM driver that Windows tries to install. Here is how to Setup And Configure Multiple Monitors On Windows 10. Hp Conexant Audio Driver Windows 10.

Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor

I have a HP ENVY 17-3200 (switchable graphics: Intel HD 4000 + AMD Radeon HD 7800M) with a triple monitor setup: • Laptop's builtin LVDS 1080p display • DisplayPort WQXGA display • DisplayPort 1080p display This configuration worked under Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. After upgrading to Windows 10, only 2 displays work. I have the latest drivers. • Intel driver 10.

• AMD driver 15.7.1 (15.200.1062.1002) I suspect this may have something to do with the fact the 4000's drivers only support WDDM 1.3 and the AMD drivers support WDDM 2.0. How do I get all 3 monitors working again? Siig Drivers Windows 10.

I had the same problem. Also tried reinstalling my drivers, did not work. This is what worked for me: • Right click 'Start' and select 'Control Panel' (Open classic Control Panel) • In the right corner ->View by: 'Small Icons' • Display • Change Display Settings Now you will see the traditional display configuration screen.

• Select ('black/gray') extended monitor • Make sure 'Multiple displays' is not set to 'Disabled.' • Select apply once done for all displays. Done!:-) I am not sure if I always used the correct terms; my computer isn't in English. Just to elaborate, Right Click on the Start Icon and select Control Panel (ie, open up the classic control panel) Click on Display I had to click on 'Change Display Settings' on the left hand panel As Ian said, click on the 'black' monitor and make it Extend Desktop to this display, this will enable it and then you can use the normal Screen Resolution window in Windows 10 to manage your displays, just seems Windows 10 doesn't enable the third screen and 'hides' the option in the current settings app.