Dell A920 Printer Driver Windows 10


I got a Dell A920 (All In One) printer that's never been used. I wanted to hook it up to my Compaq CQ57 with windows 10. When I installed the device drivers they was really out of date.

I went to device manager & hit (update driver). It updated normally so I rescanned the driver & it said (driver is working properly). Now I made a shortcut to easily access the printer because everyone knows it can become a pain with windows 10. Then I went to use my printer and the scanner is the only thing that is working.

Dell A920 Drivers Windows 10

Then I hooked it up to an older computer to make sure that the printer does work & it worked fine. Hp Laserjet 4000n Driver For Windows 10. I did find out I needed to run the program in a earlier form of windows Vista.

Well it has the option but it will not let me click on it even when I'm logged in as a administrator. Does anyone have the proper driver download?

Dell say's they haven't created any driver for this device for windows 8 or above. They said to buy another one.

Download the latest Windows drivers for Dell AIO Printer A920 Driver. Drivers Update tool checks your computer for old drivers and update it. Get latest Dell AIO. A 920 7 WINDOWS PRINTER DOWNLOAD DRIVER DELL 2015-03-27 maintained by stephen j. Free dell a 920 printer driver windows 7 download dell drivers download on windows 10/8/7/xp/vista laptop or desktop. Intel chipsets driver: terminal features.

Wow, what a great customer service I said to myself. Everybody that says they can help always wants money. I'm disabled & if I had money this wouldn't be a problem. Thank's; Jason Pust at; *** Email address is removed for privacy ***. If the manufacturer does not support the device on a given OS, that is their prerogative, unfortunately. Printers and scanners (and cameras in recent years) have been the most obvious victims of being declared 'legacy' by their manufacturers and support ends. I can see why - printers of higher quality now cost less than the ink for said printers - sometimes by a significant amount.