Csr Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Windows 10


This mini USB Bluetooth version 4.0 adapter with high speed transfer rate, simple pairing features. It's a simple solution to enable your computer connect with smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Compatible with most laptops and PC's, quick and simple setup! Just plug, install and play. New The USB3.0 to VGA Display Adapter enables you to connect additional display devices(CRT/LCD monitor, projector) to your desktop or notebook PC.

Features Contents from PC or desktop can be displayed on additional display devices (CRT / LCD monitor, projector) by connecting with your desktop or notebook PC. The connected display can act as mirrored or extended desktop of the main display on your PC. Hot-plug: add or remove monitor without system reboot. Functions including primary, extended, mirror, display rotation, identify monitor.

Hello We have just bought an ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth 4.0 dongle so that we can connect our Bluetooth headphones to the computer (which is new and has Windows 10 pre-installed.) Unfortunately we cannot connect any devices to the computer. We have contacted ASUS who said that the drivers that are compatible with Windows 10 are not yet available and they are not sure when they will be. Ndis Driver Windows 10.

Csr Harmony Bluetooth 4.0 Driver Windows 10