Conexant Smartaudio Hd Driver For Windows 10


Updated to Windows 10, July 30th. Everything works fine, till I noticed there is no sound. I check my computer and it says that I am connected to Conexant Smart Audio HD for my sound card. Apple Superdrive Driver For Windows 10. I run a test and then it give me an error saying that 'Failed to Play Test Tone'. I have reinstalled the drivers and still no sound came out. I then proceeded to Device Manager in which I disabled my sound card (Conexant SmartAudio HD). I went under properties of the Sound Card, clicked on Update Driver, to which then asked me to search automatically for updated driver software, or to browse my computer for driver software.

I clicked on Browse my Computer, and changed my sound card to High Definition Audio Device. My Sound has started to work. Problem fixed? Windows 10 is said that drivers and applications would be compatible, but why are we getting these problems. I don't want to be using High Definition Audio Device when I have been using Conexant SmartAudio HD back in Windows 7. This problem needs to be fixed immediately because it's frustrating to everyone who has this problem.