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TWAIN drivers are files and programs that are designed for the very specific purpose of regulating communication between scanners, digital cameras, and other imaging devices and software applications that use them. TWAIN drivers are often referred to as Application Program Interfaces or APIs. TWAIN drivers were created to ensure compatibility between imaging software and imaging hardware. Before the creation of TWAIN Drivers in 1992, users were required to first acquire the image using a scanner or digital camera for example, then save the image as a file. Next, in order to work with the acquired image using the imaging software (such as software that can edit or alter images), the user would have to run the imaging software program and open the saved image file from that program. Initially, detailed image editing required lots of memory and storage space and with the limited computer resources in the early 1990 this process was far more tedious than it sounds.

Now, using TWAIN drivers, a user can open the imaging software program and acquire the image directly through the program using the hardware device, without the need for saving the file first. The TWAIN Working Group is a non-profit imaging industry organization. According to the TWAIN Working Group, it does not furnish any scanners or drivers. Acer X233h Driver Windows 10. They develop the specifications that help the imaging device developers create a TWAIN compatible driver.

Therefore, TWAIN drivers are normally provided by manufacturers of the imaging devices (scanners and digital cameras). Incidentally, TWAIN is not an acronym.

It is short for “never the twain shall meet” in reference to the difficulty in connecting computers and scanners in the time period around 1990. Generally, when accessing a TWAIN device using the TWAIN driver through an image editing program, the imaging device’s control program appears in another window to allow control over the image acquisition. This allows for settings to be changed as needed for acquiring the image, such as color, resolution, and size. After the imaged is acquired, the device control program automatically closes and the image is automatically placed in the image editing program. • • • • • Common Problems with TWAIN Drivers 1) Failure to acquire the image through the user software program 2) Incorrect, corrupt, or missing TWAIN drivers 3) Incompatibility with the imaging device or the operating system Troubleshooting TWAIN Driver Problems If an imaging device is installed without a TWAIN driver, typically, the device will continue to work individually, but will not work from within a TWAIN compliant software program. Occasionally the device will not work all together, or the operating system may freeze or crash.