Audio Driver Not Installed Windows 10

Audio Driver Not Installed Windows 10

Generic Digital Camera Driver Windows 10 there. I installed windows 10 Enterprise on separate partition with windows 7 on a different partition it boots fine and lets me choose which system on boot. Windows 7 works fine as always including sound, so that eliminates hardware issues, but when I boot into Windows 10 their is not sound. I tried playing cds, dvds, and video files but no sound. I tried hulu and netflix still no sound. I checked the sound mixer and it looks fine. I checked the driver in the device manager for the sound card and it says its working properly but still no sound. I welcome any suggestions.

My motherboard is a MSI MS-7788 and the sound card is a realtek hd audio. I also tried the audio troubleshooting app but no issues were detected. Go into services and start Windows audio, doing it as admin. My machine does this constantly. Evens sometimes, cannot start the windows audio service and forced to reboot. When the service won't start, says that the account I am using is not the same as some of the other services that use audio. Dependencies show RPC is involved and have not checked further into why RDC is listed.

Jan 09, 2016 Hello.I need help to figure out what's wrong with my audio.Recently, I reinstalled windows 10 on. Audio device not installed. Native realtek audio driver.

Not sure why after some minutes passes, the services again stops, was not set to even start, not maunal, not delayed auto or auto. I have it set to auto now but it still keeps stopping on its own, and sometimes requires a reboot. Does not hold the settings in services if I change it, even as an admin. Hp Deskjet F300 Driver For Windows 10.

This system has Windows 10 (64 bit) installed from scratch (not via upgrade), with an A88XI AC motherboard. I'm using a touch screen monitor connected to VGA (monitor 1) and the HDMI is usually connected to a video projector via a Denon AV receiver. HD video with sound plays beautifully through the receiver, but I want to be able to play audio through PC speakers connected to the lime green motherboard output. I understand that Windows 10 doesn't allow simultaneous audio output to HDMI and speakers, so, for now, the HDMI output has been disconnected. Sound output to PC speakers still wouldn't work, so I then reinstalled the latest version of A88XI AC HD audio drivers with the HDMI port disconnected, and the speakers still won't play. The only audio device in Device Manager is AMD High Definition Audio Device, which I believe is the HDMI audio, not the Realtek audio chip! The only audio device shown as a Playback device (by the Speaker icon in lower right of screen) is Digital Display Audio -- even though there isn't even an HDMI connection of any kind any more!