Asus Usb Ac51 Driver Windows 10

Asus Usb Ac51 Driver Windows 10

Free Download ASUS USB-AC51 USB Adapter MediaTek WLAN Driver for Windows 8 (Network Card).

Hi there, I had been putting off my Windows 10 upgrade for awhile now. But decided to jump on it today. My ASUS USB-AC56 network adapter worked well on 8.1 PRO with 0 issues connecting to 2.4ghz and 5ghz connections. But since upgrading to Windows 10 the adapter will only stay connected to 2.4ghz connections. If I try to connect to the 5ghz band the adapter will connect at first, but very shortly after the adapter seems to completely turn off and the Windows 10 Device Manager loses track of the adapter completely for about a minute after that it seems to reinstall the driver.

But the adapter stays 'off' and I am unable to see any networks at this point. The only way to fix the issue is by uninstalling the driver from Device Manager, unplugging the adapter and reinstalling the driver. At this point I can connect to 2.4ghz again, but the moment I try 5ghz it dies again. EVERYTHING else works on Windows 10 which shocked me.

But this adapter thing is bugging me. Any help is welcome, thanks! ***Post moved by the moderator to the appropriate forum category.***. Hi, Thank you for using Windows 10. We understand your concern suggest you to perform the following methods and check: Method 1: Run the Network Troubleshooter and check if that helps.Here is the steps: • Click on Start button and type Troubleshoot and select Troubleshooting. • Click on Network and Internet, click on Network Adapter.

• Follow the onscreen instructions. Method 2: Update the Network Adapter driver. Here is the steps: • Press Windows+X key on your desktop and select Device Manager. • Locate Network drivers, expand, right click and click on Update. If it doesn’t help, then I would suggest you to uninstall and re-install the Network Adapter drivers in compatibility mode. Here is the steps: • Go to your manufacturer’s website and download the Driver’s setup file for your computer. • Press Windows Key + R on your desktop screen to go to run box. Radeon Graphics Driver For Windows 10 64 Bit.