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Logitech S150 Driver Windows 10. Hi, Now im a total noob at this but i just bought a set of astro gen 2 a50 head set witch i believe is 7.1 now to use theses to there fullest with Dolby digital live Im going insane trying to find a good sound card that will help bring my new headset to its fullest potential I mainly going to use these headphones for gaming and competitive games for example CS GO, Arma 3 and even the new playerunkown game Where foot steps and shooting direction and sound is important for me I was told about the creative sound blaster z but that is only 5.1 someone told me it can convert to 7,1 correct? But wouldn't it be best to just get a 7.1 sound card? I don't won't any delays with the audio apparently you can get a delay i don't want delays in footsteps lol anyway can anyone help me out please!!! Also when i get the sound card and the headset do i uninstall the z97 gaming 5 audio drivers i think it comes with realtek?

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Thank you very much in advance C.