Apogee Jam Windows 10 Driver

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*Windows 10 Compatibility for Apogee Products. Mac & Windows - Released 2016 - Compatible JAM 96k for iPad & Mac - Released 2014 - Not Compatible with Windows 10 JAM - Released 2010 - Not Compatible with Windows 10 MiC. Ati Windows 10 Drivers more. Dec 14, 2012 Apogee Jam ->Pc Discussion in '. Last I knew Apogee was Mac only. Windows loads the generic USB sound driver and JAM.

The Apogee Jam 96K Guitar Interface for Mac and Windows is a compact tool for digitally recording your guitar, bass, or indeed, any stringed instrument with a pickup. Capable of capturing audio in up to 96 kHz/24-bit resolution, it connects directly to your Mac or Windows computer. It features a 1/4' input for your instrument and a USB jack for connection to the computer.

The circuit design of the JAM 96k emulates the tone of a tube amp, providing a warm sonic quality for your instrument. The interface has plug-and-play operation, and is powered by your computer, thus requiring no batteries or external power source. Designed to work with GarageBand and Logic Pro, the JAM 96k will also work with any Core Audio compatible application on your Mac, and any program that makes use of Window's ASIO4ALL driver.